Possible Lock ups caused by TotalSpaces in 10.15.5?

After upgrading to 10.15.5 a few weeks ago I started to get random WindowServer crashes, I’ve got someone submitting cases to Apple to investigate, however today on a hunch I fully enabled SIP, effectively disabling totalspaces and haven’t gotten a lockup since. My crashes in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticLogs have never included Totalspaces, but given the weird corelation I’m just wondering if there are things that I might collect/enable to eliminate TotalSpaces as a possible cause.


Yes it’s hard to say, but if it’s the window server crashing then the bug is on apple’s side (nothing TS does should be able to crash that!) - but of course it could be something that is triggered by TS in your particular circumstance.

To be honest I don’t have a good idea how this could be debugged - if there was some specific thing you were doing that caused the crash then we might try to get a hypothesis. But if they were truly random, hmm.

Yea, so my employers IT folks put in a ticket with Apple and their response was basically to tell me to go re-enable SIP and that the developer refactor their app to not need SIP.

That doesn’t seem helpful, and I’m sure that some of that the root problem is some issue with how you’re app is uncovering an underlying issue with OS X.

I guess one of the biggest questions is, if I use total spaces mostly for just disabling the inter-window transition animation, is there a way to do that without having to run total spaces?

Disable SIP
Edit file
Reboot to recovery
Enable SIP

No, in order to disable that animation properly you need to disable SIP and modify the Dock app to not do the animation. If you re-enable SIP then Dock app cannot be modified.

Did you try the Reduce motion setting in System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display ?
It doesn’t speed the desktop change up unfortunately, but at least it fades instead of slides.

Even with “Reduce Motion” on it still Slides. Are you doing a some sort of binary edit or something?