Possible WindowMizer incompatibility

I’m suspicious that WindowMizer (http://www.rgbworld.com/windowmizer) may not play well with TotalFinder. When I double-click a closed TotalFinder window:

  • it may not respond at all
  • it may highlight a random TotalFinder window

I’m not seeing any problems with closed windows for other apps (eg, Chrome, Mail, TextMate). FWIW, I’m running OSX 10.7.5 on an 8-core Mac Pro. I have WindowMizer 3.1 and TotalFinder 1.5.2 installed.

Incidentally, I also tried Deskovery with TotalFinder. It doesn’t react at all to a double click on the titlebar…

Hmm, I have quite wild imaginations, but what does it mean to “double-click a closed window”? :smile:

Sorry for the lack of context. When the user double-clicks in the titlebar of an app window, WindowMizer “closes” (ie, window-shades) it, leaving just the title bar. To restore the full window, the user double-clicks again in the titlebar.

I’m having the same trouble with BetterSnapTool and TotalFinder.

I have BetterSnapTool configured to move a window to another monitor when I double-click on its titlebar. But for Finder, double-clicking on the titlebar does nothing—instead, double-clicking on the Finder toolbar moves the window to the other monitor! It even registers the double-click when I rapidly click twice on one of the toolbar buttons (i.e. the “back” button) causing the window to jump between screens unexpectedly.

Please try to apply TotalFinderNoCustomDragging tweak, from here:

My implementation of dragging window via toolbar is really bad and interferes with many tools. But don’t be overexcited. It won’t probably solve your issues.