Pre-Release Password?


I am already running Mavericks and would love to use some of the features that are currently in beta (pre-release). I activated to download pre-relase and when I try to install it, it asks for a password.
Does anybody know where I can get that password from?


It should not be asking for password - only installer needs administrative privileges. But you should clearly recognise that standard installer dialog asking for administrative password.

It looked more like password for the downloaded file itself, that’s why I asked (without even trying).

Explore QR553345

Thanks to your answer I just clicked “OK”, the window disappeared and the installer started. Then the common admin password request came up and the update is now installed.
Strange, but it is working now. Thanks!

Same for me. It asks for a prerelease password, but you can just click ok and the installation continues as a normal installer.