Presales Question

I am at my wits end with Apple Spaces but TotalSpaces seems like a big improvement, but I have some questions.

Does TS have a way of remembering what screen a window was on if you reopen an app that tried restore your previously open windows? Space dumps everything on the current space and this is terrible.

When you open a new window for an app, does it open in the current screen or does it open where the app is instructed to open on the grid?

TotalSpaces has app assignments, and apps will open in the correct space. (In fact these assignments are practically the same as the OSX ones you get by control-clicking an app in the Dock and choosing the Options menu.)

But if there is no app assignment, there is no way for TotalSpaces to tell applications to put their windows on a particular space when you reopen an app. So I’m sorry, it doesn’t solve that problem.