Previous TotalSpaces2 User - Gratitude and Windows Alternative

Hi Stephen, don’t really know if this is an appropriate post here but I’m a past TotalSpaces2 (and Mac user) but unfortunately I had to make the switch to Windows for work related purposes. I’ve been searching endlessly for a decent TS2 replacement in Windows 10. There are programs like Dexpot, VirtuaWin and many others but they’ve been retired and no longer supported for 5+ years. The Windows 10 implementation of VD’s is absolute garbage and doesn’t support a grid layout. Do you know of any Windows alternatives that in any way compare to TS2? Would you ever consider developing TS2 for Windows? My workflow has become very dependent on a grid VD layout and without it I feel like I’m stumbling around my desktop. Argghhhh! I did before, but now that I can no longer use TS2 I really, really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into developing such a great application!

Hi, thanks for this kind post!

I don’t use windows and I’m very sorry I don’t know of any app apart from Dexpot.

Have you checked out:

Thanks for the suggestion Brandon!

I’ve actually experimented with all of the programs available for Windows and haven’t found anything that meets my needs (the closest being Better Desktop Tool). That being the case, I built my own program… it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of TS2, but it does have a 3 by 3 grid, graphical animation when switching grids, and a full screen preview of the entire 3 by 3 grid. Meets my needs. :slight_smile: