Problem with desktop hotkeys

Hi, I’m currently using a 3x3 grid of desktops and I have each desktop mapped to a number key on the numpad using Ctrl+Cmd as the modifier. The shortcut keys usually work perfectly, but every once in a while, random shortcuts in the grid will stop working (e.g. Ctrl+Cmd+4 works, Ctrl+Cmd+5 does not work, Ctrl+Cmd+6 still works, etc…) This randomly happens to about half the shortcut keys on the numpad. I’m not sure of the cause, but quitting and restarting the app fixes the problem. Is this a known issue?

I did a bit more poking around and it seems like it might be caused by disconnecting/reconnecting my laptop to multiple monitors.

Is there any solution to this? I find myself having to restart TotalSpaces every time I connect to my multiple monitor setup. The restart fixes the problem every time, but it’s kind of annoying. This problem is consistently reproducible.

It’s odd that changing monitor would do that, I’m not sure why.

One question - does changing the one of the hotkey settings and back again in Hotkeys prefs resolve the problem? (I believe each time the settings are changed, all the hotkeys should be re-attached)

When I go to Preferences -> Layout to change the hotkeys when the issue is happening, I’m unable to set it to the original values. I can press Ctrl+Cmd and it shows up in the hotkey input, but the last key doesn’t work. This works again after a restart though.

I have “Change Space” set to Ctrl+Cmd+Arrow keys and these always work even when the desktop specific hotkeys don’t. I did a little more testing and the problem might be related to the laptop going to sleep? Not sure, but if I unplug the multiple monitor connections to the laptop and plug them back in immediately, the hotkeys still work fine.