Problem with Totlafinder 10.7.11 by ElCap 10.11.3

I have downgrade to Totalfinder 10.7.10 with no problems.
The problem with Totalfinder 10.7.11:
App Store can’t open any picture or others on his page by all tabs, the page is always empty. The signal for download doesn’t end.
Adobe Applikation Manager has the same problem on the tab Apps, the side is empty and the download doesn’t end.
(Totalfinder blocks the internet for this programs? Safari has no problem.)
Sorry for my bad english, kerman

Hi, this is unlikely caused by TotalFinder.

Can you please uninstall 1.7.11 and test it again?

I had similar issues with appstore connectivity before, but it was unrelated to TotalFinder. It was a problem in my network configuration.

Hello, I have today my Totalfinder upgraded to 1.7.11 (Sorry for 10.7.x in the first message) and there
is no problem! I don’t know about the errors from yesterday.
Now all works fine!
Thanks, kerman

I’m glad the problem went away. Sometimes strange things like this happen.