Problem with transitions

Suddenly transitions have become unreliable for me. When I move up from one space to another the transition will sometimes show as coming in from the side (I use Slide). This was never a problem until about a month ago. A restart fixes it for a little while, but eventually the directions of all the Slide transitions appear to become random.

I do always end up in the correct space - it’s just the transition is the wrong direction.

10.11.6, 2012 Macbook Pro, with external display attached, 9 spaces in a 3x3 grid.

If I remember correctly there might be something special about the implementation of slide transitions in Yosemite.

When it happens again, please try switching to another transition type and let me know if the problem goes away or not.

Changing transition types does not fix it. I am using El Capitan, btw.

Anything else I can try?

I’m puzzled indeed. Does the Notification Graphic display the transitions in the right direction?

Do you mean the 3x3 grid that appears in the bottom/center of the screen during the transition? Yes, that’s always correct.

Anything else I can try? Very disorienting to have the wrong transition…

I’m a bit stumped by this. One question - do you have circulation turned on in preferences? If so what config?