Problems with 1.6 in OS 10.9.3

Since installing TotalFinder 1.6 beta (I guess) and paying for it after I thought it worked, I have had the following problems in OS 10.9.3:
1)Download interrupted, file shows on desktop but can not be deleted. Have to restart to get rid of it.
2)Downloaded files do not pile up in the upper right corner like normal OS behavior, they appear all over the desktop, have to open Desktop window to collect them into a folder.
3)TotalFinder does not launch after a restart (this just started today after having 1.6 for a week or so).

Thanks for purchasing. I’m sorry for the issues.

I cannot comment on 1) and 2). Are you sure this was caused by TotalFinder? What if you run plain Finder for a while, do you observe the same issues?

As of 3) please open after restart. Do you see any error messages related to Finder/TotalFinder there in “All messages” section?

No, there are no messages related to Finder/TotalFinder

Hard to tell what went wrong. Please send me an email to and I will give you a refund.

No need for that, I am generally happy with it.

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I am running OS 10.9.4 but this has been happening in previous releases of both OS and TF. Total Finder , after an unknown length of time, will not move anything on the desktop. I can click on something and move it but it doesn’t move after I release the button. If I click on the file again, then it moves to the place I dragged it to. Also a download of big file will leave a download icon on my desktop that can not be moved or deleted. I have to reboot to get rid of it. The download itself is complete but the icon indicates it is still downloading.
If I have to relaunch Finder, I have to relaunch TF afterward, it doesn’t reload. It does load at startup.

This is still happening in 1.6.17 and OS 10.9.6. Why? Finder goes crazy after about a week of use with TotalFinder installed.

Why is there no fix for this? Why no replies to my posts? I can cure it by relaunching Finder, but TotalFinder does not relaunch and I have to go to Applications and load TotalFinder again. The problem is beginning to happen more and more often now, twice today.