Is there any way to have some sort of profiles within TotalSpace2 configuration.
I have a MacBook Pro, and I use several monitor configurations, from 3 monitors, to 2, to 1 (internal LCD), and is really messy to have desktops moving from one monitor to another when I reduce the connected monitors.
Any workaround or any plans to improve this?

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It may get built into TotalSpaces2 at some point. It seems to be a problem that quite a few people run into. Others don’t have it at all - OS X manages to put their spaces back in the right places.

But anyway, in the mean time I can recommend you try my Display Spaces Manager app - you can find it here:

It can record a spaces configuration (meaning which monitor spaces are on), and will move the spaces back to that configuration when you re-activate a configuration.

Let me know if it helps at all, or if not what your own needs are.

(In case you are in trial mode, note It will only work with a licensed copy of TotalSpaces2)

Sorry for the delay, I have been offline.
Your work around does not work, at least in Yosemite. The restore button does nothing.
I’m a registered user, but right now TotalSpaces2 is not useful to me, I change from 2 to 1 monitor very often (from 3 to 2 least often), but this desktop dancing is really a mess.
I think I will have to wait for and update some day.
Thanks for the help anyway.

Just re-reading your initial post, I wonder if what you actually want is for the spaces that were on the external monitors to actually go away when you disconnect them - so the number of spaces on your laptop screen always stays constant?

Right now this is something that OS X doesn’t really do, as all except one space are always migrated from the external screens. I don’t particularly have any solution for this right now - ultimately I would like TotalSpaces2 to be able to delete and add monitors correctly for each external screen (there are quite a few threads here expressing frustration with this and other associated OS X behaviours).

Yes that’s the behavior I want, I think it’s quite logical.
Or at least maintain a profile for each monitor combination and automatically switch to each profile.

Ok. I’m sorry i don’t have a fix right now, but I’ll do some work on it.

@Stephen Is this still being considered?
This speaks to my previous issue raised, which finds a solution in being able to have “Profiles” and their configuration for different screen arrangements.
THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!!! :heart_eyes: