Quartz Composer Background Animation Disappears After Closing Visor

When I first open TotalTerminal, I have my pretty Quartz Composer Background. Close once and reopen, and poof it’s gone. Reappears on the following events (and disappears after subsequent close):

  • change settings
  • open tab
  • close second-to-last tab (thought this was related to tab-bar disappearing, but happens even if I turn on Show Tab Bar to keep it present)

Noticed this after the Mavericks upgrade but can’t say it didn’t happen before. Running 1.4.4.

I have bad news for you.

I’m about to remove quartz backgrounds again. It was a random contribution from some guy (nice of him) but he is no longer maintaining the code and I won’t do it instead of him. I don’t use QC background personally.