Quick Look + File Selection TF 1.11.8 bug(?) in Mojave but not Sierra

Hello TF team,

I am seeing different Finder/TF behavior in Mojave but not Sierra. I work with a ton of photos and often need move them to different folders. Here is the use case that works on Sierra:

  1. Go to a folder with images (folder sort does not matter)
  2. Click on an image in the middle of the Finder window (need images above the clicked image), then hit Spacebar to enable the Quick Look view of that image
  3. Press Shift and then the Up arrow; this now highlights the original image and the image above it and the Quick Look view changes to the image above the original
  4. Keeping Shift pressed, hit Up arrow again and the Quick Look view goes to the image above the previous and we have have 3 files highlighted
  5. Continuing this behavior allows one to see the images that are being selected by holding the Shift key
  6. Files can now be dragged to a different folder
    Note…this behavior only works going up. You can select multiple images with the down arrow however the Quick Look view does not change.

When I follow these exact steps on Mojave, the Quick Look view does not change with each press of the Up arrow. Both MBPs are running TF 1.11.8. Is this a TF bug or something related to the View changes that are part of Mojave? I skipped High Sierra on all of my machines so I don’t know if this appeared in that release or Mojave.



Could you please try your workflow with basic Finder without TotalFinder running? You can force-quit Finder.app via CMD+OPT+ESC and newly launched Finder.app won’t get TotalFinder injected. You can then inject it by explicitly launching /Applications/TotalFinder.app.

I don’t have time to investigate it right now, but I would guess this is not TotalFinder related and it is simply changed Finder behavior between macOS versions.

You are correct sir. After relaunching Finder with Force Quit, the same behavior occurred. I will go to Apple on this. Thx!!

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