Remembering view settings for different Finder windows

Is there any way to remember Finder’s view settings for windows? macOS only remember the last settings. It does not remember different view settings for different windows like in old good times before OS X. Maybe TotalFinder could improve that?

I’m sorry. This is not possible AFAIK. And I’m not going to try to add something like this to TotalFinder unless hundreds of people would be DDoSing my inbox with similar requests :slight_smile:

Maybe you could be able to achieve something like this with applescript? Automating Finder windows and forcing them to switch to particular view settings?

What is not preserved for different Finder windows, other than total size? I find that the background colours for different icon view windows are preserved, the column widths in list view for different windows is preserved, and so is the icon size in list view.

The view is not preserved. If you open a new window and change the view to icons. Than open another window and change to list. Close both. Whatever window you open, you will see “as List” - the last selected view. Does not mater what you set for that window before :frowning:

I am afraid AppleScript is useless here. All I need is to remember by the window’s custom view settings (as Icons, as List, as Columns or as Cover Flow). This information is not saved inside the folder. It’s global. It affects every window. :frowning:

I find that the view is preserved within my account. If I set the view for Shared, or some other account other than the one I am in, then the view is not preserved. I have some directories set to view as icons and some as list view. Within the same account, those settings persist. The column settings for list view also persist.

I’ve always know that if I change settings for a Finder window and then close it, and open it directly again, they’ll remain. They change when you navigate to a folder from within another window and that will retain whatever defaults are there for that new window, or the settings that were preserved from the previous window if it had any custom settings itself.

I might be at an advantage because I use Quicksilver and/or Alfred to open most of my folders… so they open to the saved view for me almost always.

For example, if I directly open my Camera Uploads folder (which is inside my Dropbox folder), the settings have told that window to open a certain size, in monitor #2, with a rather large Icons format so that I can view things at a glance. If I were to navigate to another folder from within that window—say, from the option in the sidebar, I’d see the contents there as large icons as well. However, if I close that window and invoke the Applications folder to open (again from Qs/Alfred—OR perhaps Spotlight (I don’t use Spotlight)), then I would get a tall, thin folder wide enough for two columns, one for the apps list and the other for the preview column. Again, if I navigated away from that location in that same window, wherever I went would fit that format. I have settings for probably a dozen or so folders that get used often.

In summary, if you go directly to a folder in a new Finder window, it WILL preserve those settings (window size/location, contents’ display, sort order, etc). When you go from a default Finder window, you continue with whatever settings were there for that window.