Remnant window names from expose left when using totalspaces

The window names get stuck on the desktop after a while when using mission control and total spaces. After restaring total spaces they bug goes away.

El Capitan.

Do you mean the window names from Mission Control when you hover over a window?

Note that restarting TotalSpaces also restarts the Dock application, so I’m thinking this may be a Dock / Mission Control issue.

One thing you can try next time it happens is typing

killall Dock

in a window. I suspect just restarting the Dock like this will resolve it.

I’m experiencing the exact same issue. At random times when in mission control, the desktop previews along the top will hide, the window previews will become unselectable but I can see my mouse actions having effect on the underlying tiny window eg I can highlight text. The only way to get out of it is to trigger another mission control, which will re-layout the previews, putting them in slightly different positions. The problem is that the previous overlays (window icon / title) remain on the screen along with the new ones, so when you click a window, it gets selected normally, you come out of mission control and the new overlays are hidden as they should, but the old ones remain there and the only way to hide them is to quit TotalSpaces2 (quitting alone hides them).

I’ve been a TotalSpaces2 user for quite a long time, and I’ve never come across this problem. My only recent change is disabling “Displays have separate spaces”, and it would appear that’s when the issue started.

It does sound like a Dock problem, particularly if TotalSpaces2 is not active when the issue occurs. Quitting TotalSpaces2 restarts the Dock, and I’m pretty sure that this is what causes those rogue windows to disappear.

But it doesn’t happen when TotalSpaces2 isn’t running. Regardless of process, it is triggered in the presence of TotalSpaces2.

Ah, ok thanks.

In that case, my best guess is that TotalSpaces2 triggering something in the Dock due to its use of graphics for the overview grid.

There is a setting to reduce graphics memory usage (at the expense of some perhaps barely noticeable extra time needed to show the overview grid.) It’s worth a try.

Try this at the command line:

defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 lowerMemoryUsage -bool YES

Doesn’t make any difference :frowning:
If it was simply an issue of restarting TotalSpaces2 once or twice a day, I would just cope with it, but this happens extremely often, and it seems the longer you stay in mission control your odds go up.

Kept an eye on System Log for any events around the time the problem happens but there were no events around that particular instant (TotalSpaces2 or other). Is there a way to activate debug logging?

Any ideas at all? This is really killing my experience.