Rename spaces using TotalSpaces

Hello - If I remember correctly, you used to be able to rename spaces using TotalSpaces. Now, under OS 10.9, my spaces have all been renamed to ‘Desktop #’. That’s boring, ineffective and makes for a non-intuitive workflow/workspace. I can’t seem to find a way to rename the spaces using TotalSpaces2. Note that the ‘Overview’ for TotalSpaces2 still shows windows with ‘custom’ names: Is there a way under TotalSpaces2 to rename the spaces? Or am I simply delusional? Perhaps it was a totally different application that allowed me to rename my spaces?

You should be able to click on the spaces in the grid layout in Layout preferences to name them.

See the bottom of this page:

We are planning to change these prefs so that it’s a bit more obvious!

Great - That works. I couldn’t find that information in the Preferences, and the TotalSpaces2 documentation isn’t searchable so I missed it at the bottom of the page. Maybe someone should rename the ‘TotalSpaces 2 Grid Layout’ topic (in the online documentation: to read ‘Grid Layout / Naming’ in the left hand navigation pane? A ‘Rename Spaces’ button in the preferences could trigger the ‘Name/Hotkey’ dialog to appear (defaulted to the first space). Instead of a single ‘Done’ button at the bottom of the dialog window, there could be two buttons. One that says ‘Done’ and another that says ‘Next’ — Just a few ideas — Thanks again for the help.

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Thanks. Will look at this redesign next week.

What about renaming that appears in the native mac Mission Control, like offered here:

That would be most useful, but currently the TotalSpaces 2 renaming seems to only display in the TotalSpaces2 interfaces.

Would love to see this feature implemented