Renaming an alias (shortcut) looses the preview of contents

I just upgraded from Sierra to Mojave and noticed a bug. It seems like when I create an Alias of a folder on a mac it works fine and I can preview the contents of it if just by clicking once on it. However, as soon as I rename the Alias to anything except the original name, it completely loses the preview of its contents. It basically looks like a broken shortcut that lost it’s original. It still works though because double clicking will open the original. I confirmed and this is not a bug in a regular Finder. I can rename the alias any way I want and it will preview the contents’ names.

I just tried to reproduce it here on my Mojave system and I don’t really see difference between TotalFinder’s and Finder’s behaviour.

What do you exactly mean by “preview the contents”?

  1. Finder’s “Show Preview” column displayed by SHIFT+CMD+P (Main Menu -> View -> Show Preview)
  2. Quick Look popup (hitting SPACE on selected item)
  3. File’s icon showing preview of the file

Anyways I worked on my Desktop folder.

  1. created a random screenshot
  2. made alias from it via Finder’s right-click context menu
  3. renamed alias (by hitting ENTER when having alias selected in Finder)

Both workflows worked the same in Finder and TotalFinder.

Thank you for your response. I think I did not exactly do apple to oranges comparison between TotalFinder and Finder. So, when dealing with shortcuts locally on your hard drive (Desktop, etc…) they do work fine on both Finder and TotalFinder even after renaming. Renaming the shortcut folder will still give you a preview of the list of items. However, the problem is when you are working on a shared network hard drive(s). As soon as you rename the shortcut, you lose that items preview and just have a preview of a folder icon. This happens on both Finder and TotalFinder unfortunately. I just wish it did not. The shortcut still works though. It just does not give you an item list preview anymore.TotalFinder|611x500