Repeated unwanted space switching

I’m on TotalSpaces 2.1.10 and Mavericks and I am experiencing unwanted space switching. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but when it happens, it will repeatedly switch to the same space, even if I swipe away from it, and not stop until I restart TotalSpaces. It usually goes to Chrome, but I’ve had it insist on going to an empty space before.

Chrome has known issues with unwanted switches. Specifically, if you have Chrome assigned to a particular desktop, and drag a Chrome window away from that desktop to another, then it can get confused and cause spurious switches.

Could this be the reason?

I don’t and haven’t had Chrome assigned to any desktop.

Ok, so it’s unlikely to be an application, and Chrome is not to blame.

Another possibility we’ve seen before is if you have mouse-edge switching turned on (see Transitions preferences). Is it possible that the mouse is triggering the unexpected switches?