Replacing SIP with Malwarebytes?

I was on the phone with Applecare today and introduced my advisor to TotalFinder and all its many virtues. (He was impressed.) We were discussing the features and constraints of SIP and he mentioned the free program Malwarebytes as an alternative to El Capitan’s SIP capabilities. He suggested that it might be possible to disconnect the SIP, install Malwarebytes as an alternative, and to instruct it to allow TotalFinder to work as an exception to its other protections. Does that make sense or sound like a decent compromise?

Hey Michael,

I know Malwarebytes is a respected name in the Microsoft Windows world, but I haven’t tried it yet myself on Mac OS X.

Disabling SIP means your Mac will be just as secure as it was in OS X 10.10 Yosemite. I’m guessing you never felt “insecure” while running Yosemite, so in general, I don’t mind suggesting that people disable SIP.

However, you can run TotalFinder and TotalSpaces with SIP fully enabled, it just takes some extra steps:

Oh, great! I’ll have to try this when I have time (TotalFinder with SIP enabled)

I am really missing total Finder! I’ve been using Path Finder as an alternative, and whilst it is good, it is not as good as TotalFinder :slight_smile:

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I just downloaded the program Malwarebytes 4 Mac (free), looks like a useful addition to the arsenal of utilities BUT… it works after the fact as I see it. SIP enabled will prevent the infection, this product will identify and remove the infection.

I am a TF fan and I am running SIP disabled as per the point mentioned earlier that I am no less safe than running Yosemite and with some common sense practises you are pretty safe. I can’t do without TF, I can be vigilant as to what I put in my system.

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