Request: sort hidden files to bottom

There is an option to sort folders to top, it would be great to sort hidden files sorted below ordinary files, if hidden files are visible. As a web developer I leave hidden files on all them time, but my home folder has a copious amount of dot-files and folders that I don’t need to have ready access to at all times.

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Call me a newbie in the BinaryAge, but I agree, and I’m nearly ready to start digging in to the KDE source code extensively to correct flakey issues like these. Please help me to get started. I tried looking into KDE development but it seems to be so buried under those whom already have gotten their feet wet. I need a sponsor and some guidance to get started. Is anyone willing to direct me. I’m a fast learner and I consider myself to be very skilled, and practical. I thank you greatly for making this suggestion that I fully support.