Request: TotalCommander like style

Hello Darwin!

Just bought a copy of your software. Good work. Where would “Cut” feature be without you :slight_smile: I don’t get it Apple.

It would be great to see two new features:
1: start finder with 2 windows opened right from the start (already existing CMD+U feature)
2: nc style: F5 Copy, F6 Move/Rename, F7 New folder operations :slight_smile:

So I don’t have to use muCommander anymore (that does not have multiple file operations, lol)

Best regards,
Jaroslav, Objective C developer

Hi Jaroslav,

Thanks for purchasing!

Those features have been proposed multiple times by other users as well. Yes, that is something we would consider adding. Thanks for your suggestions.

For #2, are you just looking for a way to assign those keyboard shortcuts, or do you want to have those Function keys in addition to the existing shortcuts?

If #1 bothers you enough right now, you could email and get their next version of FinderMinder (free) which could do this for you.

Hey Steve

Devs of Cinch are here :slight_smile: I guess it’s OK and even good to write on other developer’s website… Or you two work together due to compatibility issues with each other.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll just make system wide automator services and assign them to F5, F6, etc. Oh yes, old problem: mac keyboards have “Fn” button to make the F5, F6 work :frowning:
Cinch is still better then Yosemite’s built in feature :smiley:

PS (website bug): goto: “Turn window shadows on and off” is a duplicated text :slight_smile:

I took over development of TotalFinder and TotalSpaces.

Fixed, Thanks!