Request: TotalFinder custom height option?

I love TotalFinder. Used it for years. Thanks for a great app.

I use a tiny Macbook Air 11", and sometimes a 27" display.

Killer feature for me, would be custom height console size! Currently it’s roughly 60%, which is OK on a small laptop, but a waste of space on a large display.

Is there a config file I could edit or something?


What do you mean by “Console”? Don’t you mean Visor window height?

I do indeed mean the Visor height.

I used the term ‘console’ because the visor implementation reminds me innately of Quake 1’s console activated by the tilde key.


Visor is resizable by dragging the TotalFinder’s window background (drag the top-edge of the visor window).

This didn’t work for me, but I noticed a handy height option in one of the menus. Oops!

Do you speak about TotalFinder or TotalTerminal? I think you use TotalTerminal but refer to it as TotalFinder :confused: