Resizing Finder Window To Right Works Incorrectly

When Finder displays files that are 8 levels deep and then I resize the Finder window by dragging on the right side, then rightmost file listing does not change size. Rather, the finder exposes more and more of the levels on the left. My right-most section lacks a vertical scroll bar and there is no way to resize the Finder window to expose it.

I am using Mac OS Sierra and Total Finder 1.9.6.

Iā€™m not sure if I fully understand. I just tested TotalFinder behaviour in Column View mode with many levels and both horizontal and vertical scrollbars present. I resized TotalFinder window to the right and it behaved as expected for me. I tested the same situation under basic Finder without TotalFinder running and it behaved identically.

TotalFinder 1.10.2 + macOS High Sierra.

Thank you. I downloaded 1.10.2 and this problem is fixed.

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