[RESOLVED] Open Split using Current Location

When I split the finder window (using CMD+U) it creates a split and sets the path to $HOME.
Is there a way to instead make it use the path of my current folder? I find that this is most commonly the behavior that I want.

Under tabs there is a setting “Open new tabs with previous location” which is checked, however this i not applied to creating new split windows.

BUMP. Anything on this? I’d really love this feature. I find myself constantly navigating to a directory, then splitting the window, then navigating in the split to a subdirectory of where I was. It would be awesome to have a keyboard shortcut that splits the window, with the new split being at the same path as the directory it was split from. I considered switching to pathfinder just for this feature, however I really like how totalfinder runs as an extension to the native finder, rather than a completely separate application.

The new beta 1.6.26 now respects “open new tabs with previous location” setting for new dual mode tabs:

That is completely awesome. Works perfect. Thank you!

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I just tested this again using version 1.6.27 and it is still bahaving like you say, the other tab starts at HOME folder so no its not fixed still.