[RESOLVED] TotalFinder Opening folders on desktop

on the left is a new finder window and on the right is one i have opend from the desk top

What TotalFinder version do you use?

The latest beta should behave correctly I guess:

i use 1.6.17

Install the latest beta version. It has a fix for this:

i updated to the latest beta and this happens
left side is opend from desktop it is missing the side bar and right is from clicking on the finder icon

You can get sidebar back by pressing CMD+OPT+S (or CMD+OPT+T if toolbar is missing).

This is standard Finder behaviour depending on your per-folder settings. TotalFinder does not try to override it.

Thank you that worked

An extra tip: if you don’t use native Finder tabs, you can hide the Finder’s tabbar via CMD+OPT+SHIFT+T.