Restore sessions on startup

Hey, thanks for that tool, it’s a real life savior for anyone who uses the terminal at least once a day :-1

One thing though that I feel is missing - with a regular Terminal session, with multiple shells opened, if I close the Terminal app & restart it (upon system reboot too) the windows and shells are restored, with a --restored-- tag in the history.

It’s quite practical, and I’m wondering if there would be a way to do the same thing with TotalTerminal’s tabs as it doesn’t seem to work the same way.

Is there a setting or a configuration I’m missing or is it something that would require some work on your end?


This would be useful, but I don’t have current plan to implement it right now. I would require substantial research how this feature internally works in

Right now after injecting TotalTerminal, it creates a new Terminal window and “visorizes” it. So there is no history.