Right click does not show Dropbox options

Hi there,
I have an issue with Total Finder and Dropbox, it does not show the Dropbox’s options.
Do u have any idea how to fix it?
There is the screenshot how it looks like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pu5dmgeln5y36uu/Snímek%20obrazovky%202014-04-28%20v 16.01.38.png

When I want to use the options I have to mark the folder (document) and then right-click on the Dropbox icon in the left panel.

Thanks in advance for the advice

Maybe try reinstalling DB. As it is working fine for me (on TF v 1.5.36) - so doesn’t seem a TF issue?

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Yes, I experience this a lot during TotalFinder development. Sometimes Dropbox “injector” decides not to inject into a new Finder process instance when Finder gets suddenly restarted (maybe Finder crashed on your machine?).

I think quitting whole Dropbox via menu-bar icon and starting it again helps. But give it a minute or two to inject. You should see some dropbox messages in Console.app when it happens.

Also please install the latest beta version of TotalFinder. From the screenshot it looks like the context menu is somewhat messed up.


The lastest beta version works perfect. Thanks for help

I just had the same problem and was in a chat with Dropbox. They had me put this in the Terminal: find ~/Dropbox -type l -exec ls -lah {} ;

it showed some conflicts. I deleted the conflicting files, and ran the code again…it now shows nothing. Then rebooted. All was Fixed!