Right-click on tab name drop down folder path appears in sidebar, not under the tab name

Since upgrading to Sierra, when I right-click on the tab name, the folder path that used to appear right under the name now appears in the sidebar.

Anyone have this experience and/or know of a fix?

Yes, I have the exact same experience. Not a deal killer but unexpected and creates an extra step in easily moving up a level. I thought it was Sierra, but the other Sierra machines without TotalFinder don’t have this behavior. I’ve looked for some Preference setting but can’t find anything that relates to this.

No reply from the developer yet? Not a fatal flaw, but really annoying and illogical for the display to be way at the bottom.

I confirm this bug under Sierra. It will be fixed in the next release planned for early January 2017.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks…look forward to it. Happy New Year!

Thanks for the fix!

This problem is back. Running TF 1.8.2 under 10.12.14.

Please install the beta version. It should be fixed there:

Will try that and let you know if it works.