RIP Total Finder

Today is the day. A sad day that I knew was coming. I am currently updating the last of my 3 Macs, which is my main studio production Mac, to Mojave.

Due to the lack of info and experience with keeping SIP disabled, I’m not comfortable keeping it disabled in order to run Total Finder so I guess I’m officially done using it.

I’ve tried a few other options like Xtra Finder and Path Finder and neither are as great as Total Finder is.

So, I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and get used to resizing Finder columns manually and not having the full color labels etc.

I did a quick scan of the forum and didn’t find anything, but I’m guessing that Total Finder in Mojave with SIP enable is just not ever going to happen?

I’d pay well more than what I paid for Total Finder for a Mojave safe version of Total Finder FWIW.

End of an era.

It was a good journey. Thanks for sailing with us :slight_smile:

The only (advanced) option is to disable SIP partially as we hinted in this blog post:

But this is just delaying the inevitable.

What if we all got together and petitioned Apple to make Total Finder a part of their next OS?

Yeah. I mean, the main thing that drives me nuts is how in column view, it doesn’t know how to automatically resize.

I can’t believe they haven’t made this part of the Mac Finder yet.

Simply put, there is no equal to Total Finder for a combination of features and ease of use. My workflow is severely impacted without it.

@Jperkinski are you aware that double clicking to column divider line (or that gripper icon when visible) will “resize column to fit”?

@chuckmi11er You should just ask Apple for features you would like to see implemented. TotalFinder codebase is unusable for Apple. Technical reasons.

@darwin Yes, but on busy days that can be annoying and Total Finder’s auto setting for that was brilliant.

I’m completely with Jperkinski on this. I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to safely work with SIP disabled, but I am lost without TotalFinder.

One thought - likely just a dream, but…

XtraFinder now has a workaround that lets it run under Mojave with SIP re-enabled. I’ve tested it, and it does work (but XtraFinder is much less elegant than TotalFinder, so it’s not a real replacement.)

Is there any chance a similar strategy might work for TotalFinder? Like everyone else, I’d happily pay for TotalFinder again if that would help!

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I have actually internally implemented the same trick what XtraFinder did into TotalFinder. Kudos to them for discovering it. But I decided to not make it available. Mainly for two reasons:

  1. The workaround they have discovered can be viewed as a security hole and I bet it will be resolved in the next major OS version (let’s see in June)
  2. With each new XtraFinder/TotalFinder update you have to go and do a new installation with disabled SIP, which is quite inconvenient (booting into recovery OS and all that jazz)

Not the answer I was hoping for, but very helpful to know!

You will not find anything similar to Totalfinder. As a mac user from the 80´s , always disable SIP.

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I would love to have Total Finder work with SIP enabled. But the way I see it, we were fine without SIP a couple of OS generations ago and we’ll be fine without it going forward. That’s because as Total Finder users, we are “power users”. As such, we’re much less likely to fall prey to malware that might catch less knowledgable users. I hope I’m not being naive.