Saving tab groups more formally

Dear TotalFinder support,

As far as I understand, TotalFinder remembers the last opened tabs, and will open them again in the event of e.g. reboot.

Would it be interesting and feasible to offer a “Save tab(s)” feature?

I very often work with a single Finder window, with something like 8 tabs opened. I often work from those same 8 tabs for several weeks.

Sometimes, I lose those tabs and want to restore them, a bit as if I had saved those tabs as a tab group in my browser.

Apologies if this feature has already been suggested and/or explored.


– A loyal user


Yes, people have been repeatedly requesting this feature. But I never got back to implementing it. I have the functionality for storing/restoring tabs/windows, but the problem is how UI for such “tab sets” feature should look like. That is still quite some work.

Anyways, have you considered writing an apple script to automate Finder into opening a new window with a set of pre-defined paths of your liking?

You can get some inspiration here:

I could help you tweak it to open multiple paths as tabs.

AppleScript will do the job in my case, so thanks a lot!

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