Screens changing on mouse click and enter


Sorry for the noob question but when I click on certain areas of a screen or use the enter key, total spaces is switching screens. I expect I have misconfigured something but cant seem to fix it.

It is very annoying because clicking a button, link, or just typing is causing the screens to switch while I am trying to work.

When the screen switches, the totalspaces navigation overlay appears on screen.

I don’t know what would cause this. The only thing I can think of is if the hotkey settings are somehow messed up.

What do you have your hotkey settings set to?


I got the same problem here. After some time (I haven’t yet figured out when or under which circumstances), the system behaves as if the overview grid was shown and when I click anywhere on the screen, I’m taken to the vital screen which is located at the corresponding position within the grid.

The only solution I found yet, was to stop and restart totalspaces2. This behavior makes it hard to use this tool.

I use: OSX 10.9.4, TotalSpaces2 v2.1.10 (Mavericks), Synergy2 (1.4.16)

If you need additional info, please feel free to contact me.

So the grid has been cancelled, but the mouse/keyboard event handling is still active. This narrows it down substantially, thanks.

I have recently made some changes in this area, but it needs more testing. I will try to get a beta release out fairly soon though. I will also investigate this exact scenario to see if I can figure out how this is happening.

I’m having the same problem. I just installed TotalSpaces2 this morning; everything was fine until about an hour ago when random key or mouse clicks trigger a change to a different desktop. For example, when I typed the “2” above, it changed desktops. In fact, every time I type 2, I get switched to a different desktop. A few minutes ago, hitting the return key caused the desktop switch. Before that, clicking the mouse in the center of the screen caused it. I hope this can be fixed easily, because in the short time that I’ve used TotalSpaces2 (oops, can’t type that numeral two), I’ve found it to be almost essential.

Reproducing this issue has been hard, I don’t have a fix yet (but I am anxious to find one). The event handling for the overview grid is getting stuck.

You should quit and restart TotalSpaces if this happens.

Can you see any messages from Dock or TotalSpaces in the log when this happens?

I have this issue too. Mavericks 10.9.4. Doesn’t repro on my 10.9.3 and 10.9.2 Macs.

I can confirm that restarting TS2 fixes the problem, and I can confirm that nothing is shown in the regarding this.

Thanks Joseph. I’ll try to get a fixed version out as soon as I can.

Hi, I wonder if you can try this version:

It has a couple of improvements aimed at solving the issue, but also some logging that may help me to debug further.

Further improvements (please use this version):

ok. i’m trying it now. yesterday it got so bad that i had to totally disable TS2.

MUCH better. the number keys and the enter key are usable again! clicking on the middle mouse button still brings up the overview window, though. once that is fixed, i think it will be ready for release.

Ok thanks. I am investigating the mouse problem.