Select tabs in TotalFinder by number?

LOVE the product!!

I’m looked for a way to select a specific tab with some kind of numbered shortcut (using #s 1 through 0 on keyboard, along with some kind of modifier key), as is done in Google Chrome.

My brief study hasn’t shown this as a feature. I know about using Apple-shift-arrows to move around the tabs, and that’s great, but numbers would make it even faster. Haven’t seen anything. Is this a feature?

If it’s not a feature, could someone kindly suggest if this could be made a shortcut via the normal System Preferences keyboard route - and provide details on how to do it? I’m fairly adventurous about programming, but not experienced or skilled.


CTRL+1, CTRL+2, … CTRL+8 and CTRL+9 will select last tab

Chrome uses CMD+number but already has CMD+1 … CMD+4 for changing view mode (icon, list, column, coverflow). So I had to use a different modifier.

Thanks SO MUCH for the information and response. Yet ANOTHER “Total Finder” feature to enjoy!