Server on LAN refuses to connect and show shares

Most of the time, while attempting to connect to a NAS on my LAN which shows correctly in the Shared list in the Finder’s left column, nothing will mount and no shares are presented. Status shows continually as ‘Connecting’.

This can only be resolved by restarting Finder (without Totalfinder). Shares then immediately show. Restarting Totalfinder then shows no issue. i.e. shares are still there and usable.

This has been a problem for some time. (Months.) Only just got round to reporting it.

Totalfinder 1.5.26 on OS X 10.9.2

I think this will be a Finder issue. I don’t really interfere with shares subsystem (unless I introduced some obscure bug affecting it as a side-effect).

Just want to mention that this is happening to me too. I’ve got a Mac Mini on my LAN, and I can only access the shared folders on the Mac Mini on my MacBook Pro when I have quit TotalFinder and have restarted the Finder. I’m currently on TF 1.5.22 and using 10.9.2.

edit: I just re-opened TotalFinder, and while I’m continuing to see the previously mounted shares during when TotalFinder was closed, it is locking up my laptop trying to access the files in the shared folders, i.e. getting the spinning color wheel.

Well, it happens almost every time I connect to my home NAS (every other day) using Totalfinder. To get the shares I force quit Finder, access the NAS using stock Finder, then re-launch Totalfinder when it’s done.

Something prevents Totalfinder (but not Finder) mounting the shares.

I have to investigate this. Now I have to figure out how to emulate NAS without having NAS :smile:


I have the same problem, before the installation of TotalFinder I had access to the disk of my box, in CIF or SMB, but after the installation of TF it no longer works.
He refuses my password…

It’s very problematic…

No idea ?

I have no idea. I’m pretty sceptical that TotalFinder interferes with this functionality. TotalFinder does not attempt to modify any networking behaviour of Finder.