"Show in Finder" not working in El Capitan


I am running OS X 10.11.1 and TotalFinder 1.7.8 and I am having issue with the “Show in Finder” function. If I right-click a file in some applications (for instance Xcode) and choose “Show in Finder” it doesn’t open the location of the file. In stead it only opens a new tab with the root folder of my disk.
PS: If I download a file in Chrome and choose “Show in Finder” it works correctly.

I have the same issue. If I Restart Finder (without TotalFinder), “Show in Finder” works. But with TotalFinder running, that stops at my user home directory.

This applies to other apps that attempt to open a finder window to a certain folder.

It turns out there’s another thread with this same issue. In that thread, it says version 1.7.9 fixes this issue.

I did an update with Include Pre-releases, and got version 1.7.10. After installing, I see finder go the correct subfolder, then jump back to my home folder.

Turning off “Folders on Top” fixes the issue.

Thanks for the reply erwin, I must have missed the other thread.
I just installed the 1.7.10 pre-release and for me it seems to have fixed the issue, even though I also have “Folders on Top” enabled.

Or not. The problem just came back again.

I have a similar issue. “Show in Finder” opens a new total finder window in which is stuck. Nothing functions in the window.
Is there any solution?

Are you running the latest version 1.7.12 under El Capitan?
Which program did originate the “show in finder” request?

Running the latest version under ElCapitan. The “show in finder” request originated from Safari.

For our own testing, can you tell me how to initiate a “show in finder” request from Safari?

I have the same problem when I press “show in finder” from Safari or Skype and etc.
Latest version 1.8.0

The same problem on 1.8.1

I have the same problem on El Captain. I hav the problem also in chrome if I download some file and press “show on finder” I get an damaged window.


Good news! This annoying “ghost window” bug should be fixed in TotalFinder 1.9.2 (beta):

Problem is back in ver 1.9.6. When I click on “show in finder” or I type cmd-R, Miscrosoft Word opens. Very annoying. Problem goes away if I disable Total Finder. I am using Sierra.

Problem remains in ver 1.10.2.