Sidebar colored icons won't go away

I’m having an issue with TotalFinder that I can’t seem to resolve. After “upgrading” to the latest pre-release, the colored icons feature in finder sidebar has been toggled. But when I uncheck that setting, they won’t revert back to the default grey icons. I’ve even tried deleting the file but that doesn’t help. Moments after rebooting my Mac, they go right back to being colored icons. Any advice?

Interesting I have just tested it here on 10.9.3 with TF 1.5.37 and it works for me as expected. So far nobody else complained.

In you can tweak the setting via these commands (Finder restart is needed):

defaults write TotalFinderColorfulSidebarEnabled -bool false


defaults write TotalFinderColorfulSidebarEnabled -bool true

I’m experiencing exactly the same problem on Yosemite, and I have tried both toggling the option from TotalFinder preferences and directly from terminal (command you suggested). However, none have worked.

The reason behind my desire to go back the original icons is another bug that makes certain folders to apear as a white sheet of paper instead of a folder icon when dragged to the sidebar. I have already verified the icon in the ‘Get Info’ menu is the correct one

I have tried restarting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling TotalFinder and nothing so far.

Help would be much apreciated