Sidebar Icons Broken in Yosemite Public Beta (1.6.7)

For the past couple of updates (I am running 1.6.7) I have been having trouble with the sidebar icons. After restarting the computer, before TotalFinder is loaded, the icons ore the normal, gray system icons. After starting TotalFinder, the icons are all replaced with generic blue folders. This happens with the option for colored sidebar icons ticked and unticked. It will not go back to normal with a finder restart (even without restarting TotalFinder), only with a system restart.

This is really strange. It is true that I did some significant code changes in this colored-sidebar functionality, but these changes should not be persistent when you quit Finder and not launch again.

I just did review of my code if there is some possible scenario that switching coloured sidebar off would be ignored by my code and I didn’t find any bug.

Any chance you installed some other code which would interfere with this TotalFinder code? I can imagine installing alongside with TotalFinder could cause similar problems.

That was my first thought, but I checked and there isn’t anything else that would do anything to the sidebar.

Evidently, I was wrong. I must have installed Colorful Sidebar sometime in the past. When it was uninstalled, it didn’t clean everything out. I found a SIMBL plugin for it in the system library. Now, Total finder can switch the sidebar from colored to uncolored with no problem, just by checking and unchecking the option. Th only problem is, with the colored sidebar option checked, the icons are still generic blue folders. I have updated to 1.6.8.

Yes, AFAIK the old colored icons are not available anymore under Yosemite. Under Maverick and below they were still available as alternative folder icons. I would have to bundle known icons from Mavericks and force them instead Yosemite ones.

It is doable I guess. Will think about it.

Darwin, have you adressed this issue yet? I’m running 1.6.17 under Yosemite and the color icons are still “plain blue” instead of the good 'ol Maverics icons that were really nice.