Sidebar icons in color (Yosemite) & column widths (all versions of OSX)

I would like to ask about two things:

  1. What happened with the sidebar icons in color in Yosemite? It does work… kind of - replacing the gray icons with the fugly blue folder icons so they are even less distinguishable. Is there any chance that we will see the return of the “classic” colorful icons like it was in the previous versions? Are those images taken from the system and Yosemite doesn’t have them anymore? What about embedding them into the app itself?

  2. This thing has been bugging me for quite long and it is still not fixed (as of 1.6.12): The “automatically adjust column widths in column view” works ok when a folder is clicked and is opened in column view. However it does not work at all when using back/forward arrow buttons. Any fix for this?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Related question, but the opposite: I have TotalFinder installed since quite a while back.

After upgrading to Yosemite, I find the sidebar icons a bit inconsistent (some folders are bright blue while others appear as “blank document icons”) and would like to revert to the standard Yosemite look. However, unchecking the checkbox for colored sidebar icons results in nothing — not even after a restart.

How can I revert to the “standard” look?

(Also — since well before upgrading to Yosemite, the color labels in the sidebar are no longer represented as colors (I suppose they should be dots, right?) but again as those white, blank document icons. That, too, doesn’t change regardless of checking/unchecking the sidebar box in Total Finder settings.

All help appreciated,