Sidebar not displaying correctly

Hi, since updating to 1.7.12, I’ve been having problems with the sidebar. Firstly I lost all of the items in it, so it just shows a blank grey area. I can add items but then they can’t be removed properly. To be more exact, if I drag them out of the sidebar, they aren’t removed until I add new items into the sidebar. Then suddenly all of the items I had tried to remove will disappear and be replaced by the new items.

Also although I can hide the sidebar, every time I open a new tab the sidebar will be automatically displayed.

Additionally cmd+d shortcut for displaying the desktop folder seems to have failed as well.

Finally the toolbar items are always auto-displaying as well, despite repeatedy being disabled in the view menu item.

And strangest of all, I rolled back to 1.7.12 and the issues haven’t disappeared!