Simple vim keybindings

First, congratulations for TotalSpaces 2. It runs very smooth on my MacBook Pro 2010.

Would I be asking too much if I asked for Vim keybindings? Not exactly Vim Keybindings; but “hjkl” as a substitute for arrow keys, to change spaces and move windows between spaces. I’m currently using Keyboard Maestro to remap the shortcuts, so I’m getting that functionality… but it’s not the same as native. Unfortunately it isn’t available in the spaces overview. I avoid using arrow keys when I can.

Not too much to ask! I am working on this as we speak (it’s the top requested feature at the moment).

Please try updating to 2.0.5 and let me know if it works ok for you.

Hi, it’s not working yet. I set the shortcuts of “change spaces” to Ctrl + Shift + hjkl, they work fine. When I set the shortcuts of “move windows” to Option + Shift + hjkl, the “change spaces” shortcut stops working, and it all stops working. Maybe there are conflicts with other shortcuts?

I think there is a bug in there. I’ll figure it out and update asap.

You may try this version:

I suspect the settings were incorrectly clearing the other ones, please let me know if this one works.

Works like a charm, thanks!

It would also be nice to be able to use Vim keybindings in the Overview Grid mode. I sometimes forget how my windows are laid out, so I go into Overview Grid mode, but then I have to use the arrow keys or mouse to select the correct window. Would be great to be able to use HJKL here too.


You crazy vim people…

Please try this version:

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Amazing! Thanks.