Single desktop exposé not working

Hi! After the last update (2.5.4) the single desktop exposé function stopped working. I have uninstalled, then reinstalled the previous version, and is still not working, which is quite odd. I didn’t go further down with versions. Interestingly enough the “exposé on all workspaces” function works very well, it is only the single desktop version that isn’t. I tried hot corners, hotkeys and the menu option, all unresponsive. I am using an older system (10.9.5 - I know…) and did not have any system upgrades lately.
Any ideas how to debug this?

I’ve a feeling it was disabled originally in Mavericks, and the enabling change might not have been merged in 2.5.4. (But an earlier version did have it).

I’m working on a 2.6 release that will be available shortly, I’ll let you know when it’s available, should resolve the problem.