SIP for the intermediate user



Hello, I have been a very happy user of TotalSpaces and continue to use it on my Macs.
One day I will have to upgrade to Mojave.

I am a paranoid, rather “aware” and careful computer user, but by no means an IT specialist, developer, … so intermediate between, on the one hand, the Mac user who opens the computer and has a single administrator session without a password and will just quickly check what that unexpected attachment from “Amazon” might contain… and, on the other hand, the authentic geek who knows how to code and manages everything through Terminal…

For users like me, would it be possible to post a description one day that gives us a better idea of the SIP security increase in practice? What would be the kinds of concrete risks of it being disabled? Make it easier for government spies and hackers to get to my private data and bank information? Less defence only if one actively triggers a virus?

I have seen the similar topics, including the one on SIP reg. total finder, but I am talking about an explanation between the protective “Don’t turn off SIP if you don’t know what you’re doing” (and thus give up on TotalS/F) and the highly precise but not very understandable (at my level) Wikipedia or Apple explanations…

In short: a simplification for above average but non-geek users by an experienced specialist would be a great addition to all the interesting stuff here and could potentially help me to assess the risks I am willing to take to keep my grid.

Thanks already :slight_smile:

(Preventive PS, to potentially more careless members who feel tempted to answer that the fact that I do not have profound understanding of IT stuff disqualifies me for SIP inactivation and TotalSpaces use…: I am active in teaching and know what’s possible if things are well explained.)