SIP questions

Hi New here

I purchased the TotalSpaces software. I am running El Capitain.

I ran the csrutil enable --without debug command. So it shows as enabled when I check it. Given the
support articles I read I expected it to show as disabled. Am I missing something here.

I also thought I read that that you did not need to tweak the SIP for it to work. Did I read that wrong?

Thanks and look forward to your replies.

Hey New, :grin:

Just to confirm, you ran csrutil enable --without debug while booted into the Recovery Partition? Are you familiar enough with Terminal to recognize if you received an error when running csrutil enable --without debug?

Can you send me the exact output when you run csrutil status? You can do this from your regular OS install, no need to boot into the recovery partition.

I’m making progress on a solution for TotalFinder which doesn’t involve disabling SIP, but unfortunately it doesn’t apply to TotalSpaces.


Here is the output from the csrutil status command

csrutil status
System Integrity Protection status: enabled (Custom Configuration).

Apple Internal: disabled
Kext Signing: enabled
Filesystem Protections: enabled
Debugging Restrictions: disabled
DTrace Restrictions: enabled
NVRAM Protections: enabled

This is an unsupported configuration, likely to break in the future and leave your machine in an unknown state.

I am familiar with the Terminal command line app. And no I did not receive any error messages.

This is the output I would expect. Is TotalSpaces not running correctly for you?

Yes it is running fine. I was just concerned with the message. Specifically where it says it is
enabled. I was expecting ‘disabled’. Does it mean that my machine is not at risk?