SIP request available

I use Logi MX Keys and Mouse on Mojave and Hi Sierra and Logi needs SIP enable.
Do you have a solution to use ToltalFinder?

I use Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 2s Mouse on Mojave. Logitech Options runs with SIP disabled all the time. No problems at all. I have no knowledge that the Logitech software would need SIP to be enabled.

Sorry it’s in french

I don’t understand your last post at all. In the article you quote, there is not a single word about SIP. The article refers to the need to grant certain rights (autorisations d’utilisateur) to the Logitech software in order for it to function. And it describes in detail and with pictures how to do that.This is done in the control panel and has nothing at all to do with SIP.