SIP Settings enable / disable - other programms

To run TotalFinder it is necessary to disable SIP - but i would like to run another program (liteicon) to change the ugly folders in el Capitan.
for liteicon the terminal command is csrutil enable --without fs
for TotalFinder the terminal command is csrutil disable --without debug

Is ther any possibility to use both?

I’ll have to experiment and get back to you, but in the meantime, you could just run csrutil disable to disable SIP entirely. Keep in mind, your system is still as secure as it was in El Capitan.

You can also follow these instructions to install TotalFinder and fully enable SIP again:

I’m guessing the same thing might work for liteicon.

Hi! Steve,
thanks for your reply - so if you get back to me later it would be fine - for now my solution was to get back to 10.9.
I had to many problems with El Capitan.
Maybe a bad idea to use El Capitan but i wanted to use newer software in some cases but older software i need also does not work properly in El Capitan (Adobe CS6 Suit).

You only need to disable SIP to install TotalFinder. Once it has installed the parts which SIP prevents from installing, you can turn SIP back on. TotalFinder works fine with SIP on.