Slow Startup, Huge Memory consumption


it seems like since the update to 10.11.5 -> 10.11.6 TotalFinder uses up all the 16GB of my Mac. During this initial phase of login the finder is reported a “App is not responding” after about two minutes, Finder releases memory to a total usage of about 1GB, then only the Finder becomes responsive again. The whole login process last extremely long now.
When uninstalling TotalFinder, the login is quick as it used to be. Finder and other login items are starting up with no particular lag.
Reinstalling TotalFinder 1.7.12 goes back to the former behaviour… it uses huge amount of mem, becomes unresponsive for about 2 minutes, then memory useag drops and finder along with TF becomes usable.
I currently see two options: uninstalling TF or never log out again :slight_smile:
Is anybody aware of this problem? Are there any Hints?

Thanks for any attention