Slower boot on OSX 10.8.4+


Taking a loook at the verbose output, osx boot stoped several seconds ond this:

fsevents: watcher asepsisd (pid: 66) - Using /dev/fsevents directly is unsupported.  Migrate to FSEventsFramework

Could this be avoided?

Thank you

Personally I don’t think the delay was caused by this line.

I had to use more low-level solution at the time I was writing Asepsis because FSEventsFramework did not expose some functionality. But I don’t know from the top of my head right now.

Anyway, for Mavericks Asepsis has to be written again and different way. Maybe I will revisit this and see if FSEventsFramework is enough for it under Mavericks. It is on my list, but first I have to get TotalFinder and TotalTerminal in shape.