While I am not sure, is here a possibility that your program might conflict with Sofraid. I am using a 20113 Mac Pro, which I bought this year 'cause I did not know they were coming out with . . . oh, never mind. Anyway, I had to get a box, put 4 2TB disks in, using thunderwhateever, and presently, things are not working well, but are working. The few times I have done the csrutil thing, it seems that things deteriorate after each reboot. I have not rebooted for a couple of days, and things seem fine. Have you had any concerns by others in this area?


It is very unlikely that TotalFinder would interfere with RAID functionality in Finder (if there is any). TotalFinder does mostly UI changes, RAID is too low-level.

I would bet that you would see the same issue when running basic Finder (without TotalFinder running).