Some directories are not sorted correctly during navigation

This one has bothered me for a long time, ever since the Mavericks update in October, I think.

I use the column view in Finder (the third view), and I arrange items by kinds while sorting them by names. With TotalFinder on, quite often when I navigate to a certain directory, the items in that directory are arranged but not correctly sorted (they essentially appear in random order—no noticeable patterns). The order will be corrected if I leave that directory (by navigating to the directory above/below it, or navigating back a level) and re-enter it. I tried to reproduce this behavior with TotalFinder off, but didn’t see it with Apple’s native Finder.

So what’s the problem? Any ideas? Thanks.

same here

i found out that the Arrange by is not working at all ,only the sort by.

Hi guys, this issue has persisted for so long, and it again made into 1.5.19. Could you please at least give it a look? I’m more than happy to provide any further information. Thanks.