Some keys not working... sometimes

Assigning keys to some Spaces with fullscreen apps, and the F3 key to consistently stops working, after a time. It’s not the key, as it registers with other apps (and I use a touch bar). Any ideas? None of the other hotkeys do this.

I don’t know, the only thing I can think of is that some other app is trying to also register that key.

I checked for that—certain it’s not because 1) I audited the apps that do that, and 2) when the F3 key is removed from TotalSpaces, I get a complaint beep when I hit it because it doesn’t go anywhere. When it is in TotalSpaces, when it fails there’s no UI. But sometimes it can fail for a while and come back temporarily—not sure the trigger, but restart is at least a subset.

The workaround is shift-F3, but since all other spaces are function keys it’s just not elegant. :slight_smile: