Some windows are not visible in Overview Grid when Mission Control was activated

I have some issue with Overview Grid.

When I activate Overview Grid while Mission Control is currently activated,
some windows that haven’t been recently used,
are not visible in Overview Grid.

My guess is that Mission Control automatically hides
some least active windows for performance reasons.

I tested it by clicking two of those windows that were invisible,
then activated the overview from a different desktop while Mission Control is activated,
now those two windows are visible, but other “inactive” windows are still not.

So is there anything TotalSpaces can do to fix that?
Like automatically deactivate Mission Control before activating overview?
Or somehow undo the “optimization” made by Mission Control?

Please take a look. I would be more happy if the experience gets better.

I’m running 10.15.3 (19D76), and have 28 windows and 16 desktops.