Spaces get lost when changing monitor layouts

I find myself switching between monitor configurations often and have noticed what appears to be a bug that makes it difficult to predict a named space’s behavior.

I have three monitors: A B C

I gave them each 3 spaces, and named them A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3… etc…

If I unplug monitors B and C, I end up with 4 new screens on monitor A, where I would have expected 6. The missing screens are B1 and C1.

This caused issues for me because I had frequently used apps I expected to show up on B1 and C1, but since those screens disappear the app would just show up wherever I happened to be. Now at least I know to expect this behavior, but I want to see if this was a bug or if there’s a reason TotalSpaces works this way.